Bible Clipart: Wisdom - Sirach



  1:13 Because God did not make death, nor does he rejoice in the destruction of the living
  1:13 Let us put him to the test. Let us condemn him to death.
  7:7 I pleaded and the spirit of Wisdom came to me.
  9:13 Who can conceive what the Lord intends
  11:21 Before the lord the whole universe is as a grain.
  11:23 You overlook peoples' sins that they may repent.
  18:6 The night of the Passover was known


  3:1 the LORD sets a father in honor over his children; a mother's authority he confirms over her sons
  3:29 Water quenches a flaming fire, alms atone for sins
  27:30 Wrath and anger are hateful things, yet the sinner hugs them tight.
  35:17 The prayer of the destitute pierces the clouds.

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