Easter - Year C


A few Christians challenge the idea that Jesus was crucified. They refer to Peter's speech before the Sanhedrin where he states that the leaders "killed [Jesus]... hanging him on a tree."
Crucifixion was practiced by the Romans for capital crimes. The Jews preferred hanging because the death was faster and more humane. Peter is simply teaching that punishment did not fit the crime either by Roman or Jewish standards.

The stone which the builder rejected.


Two disciples were on the way to Emmaus


A little yeast has a great effect



Ancient people depended on natural yeast to give bread its light consistency. Yeast is a microscopic plant that is in the air all around us. It will take root in a mixture of flour and water. This is commonly known as "sour dough". Since it can take several days to mature, bread-makers would save a small amount as a starter batch. This speeded up the yeast-making process. Eventually the starter batch might become corrupt. Jewish women would throw out all yeast in the Spring. Until new yeast could be grown they would eat unleavened (or yeastless) bread.

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