Pentecost - Year B

The Feast of Weeks

PentecostIsrael is a fertile country with two or more harvests a year. The first one comes around the beginning of June, approximately seven weeks after Passover. Biblical people celebrated a sort of Thanksgiving holiday, appropriately called "The Feast of Weeks" or Shavuot in Hebrew. It also recalled the Covenant God made with the Israelite at Mount Sinai.
The Apostles were holding a secret observance of the holiday to avoid being arrested. Suddenly their fear vanished when the Holy Spirit descended on them. We know the Feast of Weeks as "Fifty Days" or in Greek, Pentecost.

When Did The Spirit Come?

The Christian tradition is that the Spirit came on Pentecost, but John's gospel says that Jesus gave the Holy Spirit on Easter. How can this conflict be resolved?
The answer may be that Jesus sent the Spirit earlier, but that the apostles weren't capable of accepting the Spirit until after Jesus left them.
What must you do to be able to receive the Spirit of God?



Come Holy spirit

Receive the Holy Spirit

Receive the Holy Spirit


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