Second Sunday of Advent - Year B


Many early Christians expected that the end of the world was coming soon. It was thought to be connected to Jesus' Second Coming. As years passed without either event, some began to question why God was delaying or if the Coming was a myth.
The author of second Peter doesn't try to defend the position but simply reminds his readers that God operates on a different time scale.

John the Baptist appeared in the desert
The heavens will be disolved in flames.


Mark's Gospel offers no background for John the Baptist. He simply appears in the Judean desert quoting Isaiah: "A voice in the wilderness …." He apparently sees himself as some sort of fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy.
Luke supplies more background. John's parents both descended from priestly families. Hence he shares in the hereditary office. ln the 1st century a group of Jews had rejected the corrupt line of priests that served the Temple. John seems to have joined this movement, which was known as the Essenes. If true, this means that John was a rebel who had turned from his father's faith. His doom's day message fits the Essene theology, as does the baptism of penance he preached.

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