2nd Sunday Ordinary Time - Year B


Last week we began what is called "Ordinary time" in the Church calendar. Ordinary does not mean plain or simple. It means "numbered" as in first, second, etc, the ordinal numbers. This was the original sense of the word. Since we are not celebrating major feasts like Christmas or Easter, this title has come to represent a less spectacular or more "average" period in Church celebrations.
Because of the feast of the Baptism of the Lord, we do not hold a specific 1st Sunday in Ordinary time. It is used for the weekday Masses where no feast or memorial is observed.
The numbers are meant to remind us that we are working toward a goal. Our life has a purpose. We are moving toward an ultimate Sunday. That will be observed in heaven when we are joined with the whole company of the saints and angels.

Speak Lord your servant is listening

The immoral person sins against his own body


To do your will is my delight
Where do you live?


John the Baptist had gathered a group of students including Philip and Andrew. John realizes that he has taught all that he can and encourages them to continue with Jesus. Christ asks them what they are "looking for" and they answer, "Where do you stay?" This seemingly casual conversation is actually a serious meditation about the meaning of a vocation.
Jesus isn't simply asking them why they are following him. He is questioning whether they are seeking something more in life. They have jobs already. They work in a fishing industry. Jesus tests them to see if they will accept religious duties. Will they commit themselves to new life styles and careers?
The students respond by asking Jesus where he lives. They aren't looking for directions to his tent. They want to understand his life and ministry. They desire to know his own life decision. The description of the hour may be John's way of saying that the sun is setting on their old careers. Both men will start a new day by spreading the good news (or Gospel) to someone else. Andrew goes o Peter. Philip will seek out Nathaniel.

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