22nd Sunday Ordinary Time - Year B

Be Doers

Paul had insisted that salvation comes through faith. Some of his followers took this to the extreme of believing that it wasn't necessary to DO anything -– just trust God.
James seems to be specifically countering this attitude. He tells us to be active in our faith, noting that pure religion demands involvement in social justice.

What great nation is there that has God so close  as the Lord is to us.


Every perfect gift is from the Father

From within com evil thoughts

Evils From Within

Biblical laws demanded ceremonial washing of all food before eating. This ritual wasn't done for hygiene. It was thought to remove "spiritual impurity" or "sin" from the foodstuffs. The law also taught that dairy and meat products must be prepared and served in different containers.
Jesus scoffed at the idea. He taught that sin is an internal thing -– based upon a personal decision.


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