13th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year B


Today’s first reading makes a remarkable claim, especially in the light of today’s drug culture. It states that God “fashioned all things… and there is not a destructive drug among them.” The author’s point is not that such chemicals exist, but that God did not make them to be dangerous or fatal. The abuse of drugs and chemicals is humanity’s doing, not God’s. The Lord created a varied universe with many components. There is a legitimate purpose for all that exists. When we misuse creation, we are responsible for any destruction.

God did not make death

Talitha Koum


If I but touch his clothes I shall be cured.
For your sake he became poor

Touch His Clothes

As Jesus is going to Jairus' home a woman walks behind him in the crowd. She has been ill for a dozen years and thinks, "If I but touch his clothes, I shall be cured." Then she touches Jesus' cloak. This article of clothing is probably his "tallith" or prayer shawl. It is worn by every Orthodox Jew during prayer. It is traditionally a long sheet of cloth with tassels on each corner. It is a miniature of the Meeting Tent where Moses worshipped. In a sense it is a private "church" where one can retreat into prayer. The woman came into contact with the church of Jesus and gained healing. (Note the parallel between "tallith" [prayer shawl] and "talitha" [Jesus' word])

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