26th Sunday of Ordinary Time - Year A


Most human beings love a happy ending. This usually means that the good guy wins and the bad guy loses. This concludes everything with a neat, pat answer. But life is not that simple. Few people act out of pure motives--good or evil. Even those with sinister objectives may have had bad experiences behind their goals. Judgments are too often made insufficient understanding of why people act.
God knows the whole person from birth to death. His judgment is based on all factors. Moreover God sincerely loves each of us and wants us to change. If the most wicked person can alter the course of his or her life, the Lord is anxious to forgive. Too often, we only want revenge. God's way is more fair.

You say the Lord's way is not fair!

He did not regard equality with God something to be grasped at.


Let us pray together.
Which one did his father's will?


Jesus of Nazareth is divine. He was born into this world over 2000 years ago, but he has always existed. He is immortal and infinitely powerful. He entered into time and space through the womb of Mary. He gave up a lot in doing this. He surrendered the unlimited power, knowledge and glory that is his by divine right. He did not put on a "human suit" and pretend to be one of us. That would have been a fraud and a cheat.
Paul is telling us that Jesus did not greedily clutch his divine attributes. He did not fake humanity--he was truly "one like us in all things but sin". Jesus wasn't slumming. He showed that is possible to reach heaven the same way that he did: with the love of the Father. He clung to equality with us.

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