Songs by Catholic Artist Pat Bickert

The Father calls your name

  1. Some Kind of Love (2.55)
  2. Our Lady of Guadalupe (4:07)
  3. The Father Calls Your Name (3:40)
  4. I Am the Bread of Life (3:50)
  5. Don't Be Afraid (5:25)
  6. Perfect As You Are (4:13) speaker listen below
  7. Yahweh You Are Near (4:40)
  8. De Colores (3:02)
  9. Our Father (3:10)
  10. How Can I Keep From Singing? (3:27)

Pat Bickert - The Father calls your name


Sarah Bickert

Sarah Bickert
Photography by Elaine

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Perfect As You Are - Lyrics

I remember that winter night
You came in to the world
I laughed out loud when the doctor said,
"It's a new baby girl."

But then I looked in your mother's eyes
She said, "something's not right"
And as I struggled to understand
I laid awake half the night

Beautiful baby, sweet child of mine
You're perfect as you are
Made in God's image, by his design
You're perfect as you are, perfect as you are

You were formed in your mother's womb
By God's very own hands
Who was I in my arrogance
To question His plan?

Every life is a canvas
For His miraculous art
And I thank Him for showing me
You're perfect as you are

And you were there in the Father's plans
From the beginning of time
What a gift He has given me
I thank the Lord you are mine

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