The Rosary - Technology Activity


The graphics below were created using Wordle.

Hail Mary
Glory Be
Lord's Prayer

Here is a suggested activity to do with your students. The graphics above where generated using an online tool called Wordle. All that you need to do to create similar word art is input a text, click on a button until you get a design that you find appealing and then print the result. Even younger children can easily handle this tool.

1. Click on each of the 4 Wordle images above to see a large version of each. Print these larger versions (or create your own on the Wordle web site).

2. Tape all four Wordles onto a single large sheet of paper or britle board to create a poster.

3. Divide the class into groups and tell them that you will show them a poster and that each group will have the task of answering a series of questions on the poster.

4. Here are suggested questions:

  • What is this poster about?
  • What do the words on each seperate sheet of paper on the poster have in common?
  • What other set of words is missing (they might think of the sign of cross for example or the mysteries, or the Hail Holy Queen)?

5. Give them a time limit to answer the questions?

5. Have the students create their own Wordle of one of the prayers of the rosary on a school computer or at home. You could then post these in class.

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