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Mark 1.29-39 NAB text with concordance
(5th Sunday of ordinary time - Year B)
" He cured many who were sick... "




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Fine Arts Images Linked at The Text This Week's Art Index: Healing

Ministry with Persons with Disabilities | Archdiocese of Atlanta - Examples of Disabilities Found in the Gospels with paintings from depicting the scripture passages

Fr Lonsdale Clipart and Commentary clipart

clip art HermanoLeón Clipart

Ordinary Time 5B at Cerezo Barredo's weekly gospel illustration clipart

Mark 1:29-39 — He cured many who were sick - Crossword puzzle

Jesus Heals Many People Word Search  puzzle

"Everyone is searching for you." clipart

Joan Y. Edwards Crossword Puzzle - B11 Driving Out Demons, Mark 1:29-39, Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time puzzle


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