Fourth Sunday of Lent - Year A


In the 13th century B.C. the people of Israel demanded that their independent confederation be converted to a monarchy. They reasoned that this would unite them against their stronger neighbors. The first king, Saul, proved unstable. Samuel, the priest-kingmaker, decided to replace him. He went to Bethlehem and chose the youngest son of a local sheep rancher. The boy, David, will be Israel's greatest king.

Samuel with the horn of oil anointed David


You were once darkness
Go and wash in the pool of Siloam


A common belief in Old Testament times held that all illness was caused by sin. Jesus meets a man who has been blind from birth. The Apostles wonder about the severity of the sin that might cause this handicap. Jesus rejects the idea. He teaches that lack of spiritual insight is far worse than lack of physical sight. The Pharisees demonstrate the truth of this judgment.

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