25th Sunday of Ordinary Time - Year A


Have you ever wondered why God keeps you alive? Some elderly and infirm long for death. They may even think that the Lord is cruel "not to take me." Paul faces this quandary, though for a different reason. He has already "been caught up to heaven"--seen a vision of paradise. He longs to make it permanent.
Paul realizes that God needs him on earth. He is a witness for Jesus. There are people who might not listen to God, but could hear Paul. He accepts his fate, waiting for the Lord to make the choice of the time of his death. If you are discouraged about life: remember that God still needs you here. He has a vital job that only you can accomplish. Be patient!

My ways are not your ways

Let the scoundrel forsake his way


I long to depart; I remain for your benefit
The last ones worked only one hour. Are you jealous?


Jesus usually taught by using metaphors drawn from the daily life of his day. But he always added a twist to bring out the message. The secret of the parables is to look for the twist.
It was common to see migrant farm workers looking for hire. The farmer would need large numbers to harvest his crop. The fact that he would return seeking more laborers is not unreasonable. The twist to the story is the fact that he chooses to give everyone the same pay. In real life his largess would be ruinous. The next time no one would show up early. But this story is not about earthly wage practices. It is about God's generosity in giving everyone of us the same amount of heaven. There are no back seats in paradise--we will all get equal love.

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