22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time - Year A


The mission to be a prophet, a speaker for God, can be a great burden. Many of them were cursed for their words and others were beaten, even killed. Jeremiah is a perfect metaphor for the suffering Christ. His book is highly introspective and often bitter about his calling. He says that he keeps making up his mind not to utter God's words. He cannot resist the call to prophecy. It is like a fire burning inside of him until the message is released. Several prophets expressed that same compulsion to preach.

I say to myself I will speak his name no more, but it becomes like a burning fire


Do not conform yurself to this age
Take up your cross and follow me


Poor Peter, Jesus promises to build his church on his like--then he calls him "Satan". The apostle has had an insight into Jesus' nature. He fails to understand the mission of Christ. When the lord predicts his own death, Peter takes him aside and urges him to "cool it". That kind of talk will not attract more followers.
As much for the benefit of the others, Jesus tells Peter that he is judging the mission by human standards. He calls him a temptor. In the book of Job, Satan is a sort of aid to God. His mission is to test souls to prove their worthiness for God's blessings. Only in later theology does Satan become equated with the devil.
Jesus isn't calling Peter diabolical, he is simply advising him to get with the program through self-sacrifice.

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